Vital Chemical Celebrates 40th Anniversary

We’re celebrating our 40th Anniversary!

40 Year Logo - REDThe 7th of February, 2017 represented 40 years since our founder and director, Albert Xavier, started the business that is Vital Chemical. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown to become the largest supplier of dust suppression and erosion control, concrete cleaning and removal, and corrosion inhibiting and descaling products throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to the intuition, hard work and perseverance of our director and team, we can now celebrate our successes.


The Birth of Vital Chemical – From Corrosion Inhibition

Vital Chemical began its journey of growth and diversification from its time as a small scale supplier and manufacturer of surfactants and soaps. We are now Australia’s longest supplier of corrosion inhibition and descaling chemicals to some of Australia’s largest aluminium refineries.

From the very beginning the constant research and development undertaken at Vital Chemical provides Vital Chemical’s clients with vastly improved products and services. For example, our very first corrosion inhibition products helped our clients to halve their corrosion and significantly reduce their production costs.

Quality and efficiency in our products and services have always been key to our company’s success and is apparent today, 40 years on.

Our Factory in Darra, 1977


Cleaning Concrete – A New Product Stream

In 1997, the first iteration of what would be known as Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard, our concrete cleaning product, was developed. The impetus behind the launch of this product was to provide a better performing, more efficient and safer product than what was available on the market.

It was the identification of this area of improvement that made space for further innovation and diversification of the company.

Between the formulation of Vital Flo-Chem and the development of our first corrosion inhibiting products, it became clear that constant and neverending improvement in research and development would always be key to the success of Vital Chemical.


A Family Business – Brisbane Born and Bred

It wasn’t until 2004 that Vital Chemical moved into our bigger production site based in Goodna, west of Brisbane.

Just about every member of the Xavier family had at some time worked in the business, so family is very important at Vital Chemical. It is this history of inclusive, family-focused culture which has made it easy for us to be an equal opportunities employer holding strong family values.


Growth, Expansion and the New Millennium

In 2004, Letiscia Xavier joined the family business and restructured Vital Chemical to start spreading its wings for growth. It was at this time that the business focused on improving quality and bringing its practices to the standards of the new millennium. In 2006, Paul McMullen joined as National Operations Manager and developed and grew the dust and erosion product portfolio. These portfolios grew quickly from the demand of many concrete companies during the drought in the early to mid-2000s and with Paul’s extensive product development. Vital Chemical was able to provide a cost-effective alternative to dust suppression whilst water restrictions remained tight.

Dust was a growing problem and in 2007, so Vital Chemical launched it’s Vital Bon-Matt range of dust suppressants. The Vital Bon-Matt range are now market leading products across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific regions.

Ironically, the floods of Brisbane and rural Queensland in 2011 identified just how valuable Vital Chemical’s Vital Bon-Matt products were, as erosion control agents when they held together soils during the inundation. Hence, Vital Bon-Matt products are now widely employed to bind and stabilise soils and earthen materials when exposed to high impact rainfalls and temporary water submersion. Vital Bon-Matt developed from dust control to erosion control.

Vital Bon-Matt products could now be tested and proven as the best erosion control products available.

Building on the dust suppression and erosion control capability, Vital Chemical products are now employed to reduce sediment and soils from transferring into Australia and New Zealand’s pristine waterways. Now areas that have been developed could be re-vegetated using Vital Chemical products to ensure soils were held together and that root and plant reestablishment could be expedited to achieve resultant ground cover and stabilisation.


In 2017, Paul established Vital Environment a joint venture partner of Vital Chemical. Vital Environment now focuses on environmental erosion and sediment control training with the launch of the training facility at the Goodna site in 2016, together with its own range of re-vegetation products and services. Vital Environment’s re-vegetation products complement the growth of Vital Chemical’s Vital Bon-Matt range, allowing further development into mine and construction rehabilitation in 2017 and beyond.

In 2014, Vital Chemical achieved ISO Certification for quality assurance in  Environment, Workplace Health and Safety and Quality Assurance practices. Certification demonstrates Vital Chemical’s capabilities as a provider of quality products and services and reinforces the company’s commitment to constant growth and improvement to the highest international standards possible.

Today, Vital Chemical is proof that an Australian owned and operated family company can continue to grow while maintaining its family-based culture of service, loyalty, quality and ethics. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for Vital Chemical and we can’t wait to see where our commitment to constant and never-ending innovation and quality will take us.

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