• Liz Bermingham

    “This product is amazing, I have recommended it to clients to stabilise smoke related by products and asbestos contamination following fires. It gives everyone time for test results to come back and safely undertake demolition. Definitely a key tool in our risk management strategy! Thanks Paul for the amazing support you provide in helping us find environmental solutions while keeping our workers safe.”
  • Scott Wiseman

    “I have been using Vital Chemical’s Flo-Chem product for over five years for removing cement/lime scale build up on our fleet of 40 concrete agitators trucks.  The product quality, customer service and back-up has always been first rate.”
  • Andrew Jasinski

    “Vital Chemical P/L team has worked in a responsive and co-operative manner and has provided over a period of last few years a highly competent technical support and a professional advice, in the area of dust control of the large, open-air storage areas and transfer of the potentially dust-generating commodity in uncovered wagons, over long distances.”
  • Steve Stewart

    “Vital Chemical Bon-Matt CDS 300 has become an integral element in controlling stockpile dust at DBCT Pty Ltd.  It has played a significant role in reducing dust on site and helping us to work with our immediate community in this regard.” 
  • Anthony Caputo

    “A really professional company with a leading product (Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall) that works and is cost effective.”
  • James Barben

    “Vital Chemical has provided me with a number of professional, tailored, cost effective solutions to dust control and erosion and sediment control. Their products have proven to be effective and their level of customer service is excellent – I can highly recommend Vital Chemical.“
  • Steve Currey

    “Vital Chemical has worked with Holcim South East Queensland to improve our processes, which has led to cost benefits and safety improvements during that time. They understand the challenges that we face in our industry and we’ve never had problem too difficult for them to handle.”