Vital Chemical provides water treatment solutions through its extensive range of flocculant agents for suspended solids in aqueous mediums.

From site assessment to flocculant applications and dosing systems, effective water treatment can easily be achieved.



Vital Eco Super Floc

Vital Eco Super Floc is a water-soluble bio-polymer flocculant utilised in  water and wastewater treatment applications.

Vital Eco Super Floc consists of a bio-polymer technology which flocculates suspended and dissolved  particulate matter through its action of ionic binding.

  • Advanced pH stability
  • Biodegradable – natural bio-polymer technology
  • Economical – with low dosage rates
  • Single step dosing – for ease of use
  • Wide range of applications – efficiency across a broad  range of soil and sediment types
  • Supports long term environmental outcomes

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Vital Floc Block

Vital Floc Block is an ionic flocculant in the form of a solid block which has been specially designed to slowly dissolve in water flows and to flocculate solids and promote settling.

Vital Floc Blocks have been developed for use where dosage equipment is unavailable or difficult to manage.

The unique formulation offers the following features:

  • Ease and convenience
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced water requirements
  • Increased penetration rates

Vital Floc Block is supplied in 12kg boxes of  4x3kg blocks.

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