Vital Chemical is at the forefront of research and development for concrete cleaning and removing.

We provide all our precision concrete cleaning and removal products with added corrosion inhibitors for steel corrosion protection. All of Vital Chemical’s concrete cleaning products possess a thick gel consistency which significantly reduces run-off, wastage, splashing. These features allow the products to cling to the surface resulting in effective, more efficient surface cleaning.


Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard

Vital Flo-Chem concrete agitator cleaner is a safe and easy alternative to hydrochloric acid alone or other acid (low pH) alternatives. With a low vapour formulation, Vital Flo-Chem removes concrete residue whilst also providing anti-corrosive protection to metal surfaces.

Recommended for cleaning:

  • Agitator barrels
  • Cement mixers
  • Front end loaders
  • Concrete pumping equipment
  • Shotcrete equipment

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Vital Eco-Swift with Rust Guard

Vital Eco-Swift with Rust Guard is Vital Chemical’s non-hydrochloric acid alternative concrete cleaning formulation.

Vital Eco-Swift with Rust Guard provides a safe, effective and economical alternative for cleaning concrete agitator bowls.

It is non-fuming and biodegradable, containing corrosion inhibitors.

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Vital AC7 Truck Wash

Vital AC7 Truck Wash is a super heavy duty cleaner designed to effectively remove dirt, mud, oil and grime from all vehicle surfaces including truck, cabs and tyre rims. Containing a unique built-in glass cleaner for complete vehicle cleaning, Vital AC7 Truck Wash has been specifically formulated for use in the concrete, mining and aviation industries.

With more than 18 years of experience in maintaining Australia’s transport Industry, Vital AC7 Truck Wash provides efficient vehicle cleaning.

Available in 20L 205L and 1000L volumes.

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