4 Key Principles of Credible Erosion Control and Dust Suppression

4 key principles of credible erosion and dust specialists

At Vital Chemical, we’re proud to be market leaders in erosion and dust control products and services. There’s a lot involved in our business, especially because we’re committed to delivering higher standards than you’ll find anywhere else in the industry.

To achieve and maintain the level of quality in our work that we’re known for, we follow the guidelines inherent in 4 key principles: environmental sustainability, 

health and safety, quality, and the most important of all – customer satisfaction.

And while it’s mandatory for every erosion and dust specialist to meet the minimum standards on these measures, Vital Chemical is, and always has been, committed to exceeding the standards required of us, so we can remain a strong player in an industry that we’re proud to be spearheading.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental responsibility isn’t just an obligation to us. It’s a belief system. That’s why all of Vital Chemical’s operations and products are carefully planned, developed, and executed in ways that minimise any potential impact on the environment, including reducing our pollution and emissions across land, water, and the atmosphere.

Vital Chemical is focused on formulating erosion and dust control products that are both safe to use and environmentally sound. We don’t believe in solving one problem by creating another one. And we don’t believe that people or the environment should be put at risk for a product, no matter how well it works.

But we also know that with innovation and commitment to sustainability, it’s possible to harness the benefits of the latest developments in dust and erosion control products without harming the environment.

At Vital Chemical, our erosion and dust products are incredibly effective, but they’re also environmentally sound. Even our most durable road dust suppressant products are safe for people and the environment.

We’re also committed to adhering to the legal and industry standards in our environmental management system, and to monitoring and improving our progress against our environmental objectives—so our clients can always be assured that we’re always minimising or eliminating any detrimental effects on the environment.



Health and safety

At Vital Chemical, we value safety above all else, because people are our most valuable asset. We’re committed to practicing in a way that ensures the safety of every employee, contractor and sub-contractor within our company, and to developing products and services that are safe for all the people in the environment we share.

Vital Chemical’s products are all analysed and tested vigorously under strict conditions before they’re released into the market. We conduct thorough environmental risk assessments and research, and only release our products and services when we have solid evidence that they’re both effective and compliant with industry standards and legislation.

At Vital Chemical, we’re committed to safeguarding our environment and all people. We review our products and services on a regular basis, refining and improving them as new and valuable information and practices come to light through research and technology in the industry. We’ll always meet our obligations, so our clients will always know that as long as they’re with us, they’re in safe hands.


Product quality

At Vital Chemical, we offer only the highest quality products. We do this not only to uphold our own reputation as industry leaders, but to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all the people who come into contact with our company. From our robust erosion and dust control products, through to our corrosion and scale inhibitors, Vital Chemical is committed to delivering the highest quality solutions for all our clients.

Our commitment to excellence encompasses our entire process, from product formulation, to manufacturing, and to supply and service. We take the time to truly understand the needs of our clients, and adapt our solutions to their needs.

This is possible because we’re flexible and customer-focused: we conduct comprehensive site assessments so we’re working off a clear picture, and we develop turnkey applications to solve our clients’ challenges.

To ensure that we’re consistent and successful in maintaining the high standards and cost-effectiveness of our products, we underpin our products and services with our strict quality management systems. At Vital Chemical, we’re always on the quest for best practice in all aspects of our business—and for ensuring that our customers are satisfied with fast delivery, helpful service, and cost effective, high-quality products.


Customer satisfaction

At Vital Chemical, it’s our customer service that sets us apart from the rest.

We’re an Australian owned and operated family company, and in February 2017, we’ll be celebrating 40 years in business. Our longevity is testament to both the quality of our products, and the service we deliver to our loyal customer base.

Our innovative products do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to meeting the expectations of our customers. The time and cost savings of our erosion and dust products alone are a valuable advantage to our customers, as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to detrimental sediment eroding and washing into our waterways, or fugitive dust blanketing nearby neighbouring residents. They can achieve their environmental targets, while they enjoy the financial benefits of saving money with affordable products and reduced manual handling labour costs.

Vital Chemical is a proudly Australian company. We employ locally, and supply throughout Australasia from our Ipswich-based premises. Our clients can be assured knowing that they’re in the safe hands of a business that’s not only committed to sustainability, but to supporting our beautiful country’s economy.

At Vital Chemical, we look after our customers with clear communication and ongoing support, engaging them in supportive and mutually beneficial relationships to achieve the best outcomes. To find out more about how Vital Chemical’s efficiency, sustainability and high-quality products can benefit your business, contact us at any time, and we’ll be happy to deliver the right solution for your industrial challenge.

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